An Atheist Who Worships God

Some atheists believe in God, I know I do

Not all powerful almighty God who has control over nature and human fortunes

A God who is inside all of us, believes in us

Some Atheists worship that God everyday and every chance they get

A God so powerful that the universe itself bows to it

Someone who gets blessing of this God can reach highest peaks of the world,

and achieve anything that they set their mind into.

Just trust yourself, your beliefs, and put on a willingness

to worship, nurture, and guard the God

The God has everything to offer you; health, happiness, wealth, power, fame,

Whatever your heart desires and much more…

By giving lot of patience, persistence and hardships

As an offering, some received immeasurable favors

And yet some are complaining with idleness

Broad thoughts, narrow actions

Start cleaning the temple with devotion where the God resides and

Dig deep, you’ll find your God within and around you

All smiling and ready to step ahead,

supporting and guiding you for life.

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